55 Mental Health Resources for People of Color

Mental illness does not discriminate: Nearly 20% of U.S. adults experience a mental illness each year, regardless of race or ethnicity. And while it’s clear that mental health is a crosscutting issue that affects all communities, providing effective services for people of color requires acknowledging and understanding their different lived realities. 

The National Association of Social Work’s Standards and Indicators of Cultural Competence (PDF, 250 KB) explains that providing culturally competent service to clients requires social workers to do the following: 

  • Have a “heightened consciousness of how culturally diverse populations experience their uniqueness and deal with their differences and similarities within a larger social context.”
  • “Use an intersectionality approach to practice, examining forms of oppression, discrimination and domination through diversity components of race and ethnicity, immigration and refugee status, religion and spirituality, sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, social class and abilities.”
  • “Acknowledge their own position of power vis-à-vis the populations they serve and to practice cultural humility.”
  • “Disrupt the societal processes that marginalize populations” by challenging “institutional and structural oppression and the accompanying feelings of privilege and internalized oppression.” 

As the NASW Standards make clear, achieving cultural competence should be viewed as an ongoing process of learning rather than an end goal. For racial and ethnic communities, a commitment to understanding these components can go a long way toward making them feel comfortable in practitioners’ abilities to provide them effective mental health services.

In this piece, OnlineMSWPrograms.com collected resources that have been tailored to the mental health needs of various racial and ethnic groups.


People of Color

Organizations and Directories 

Inclusive Therapists: database for people to connect with therapists focused on the needs of marginalized populations including people of color, the LGBTQ community and people with disabilities. 

LGBTQ Psychotherapists of Color: directory of therapists based in Northern California; also lists those providing online services.

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network: organization with directory of therapists nationwide.

Resources and Podcasts

Fireflies Unite With Kea Podcast: stories of people thriving with mental illness within communities of color. 

Wellness in Color Podcast: series from National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota with the mission to reshape the cultural language about mental illness through stories.

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Black People and African Americans

Organizations and Directories

BEAM, Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective: organization with information on mental health training, toolkits and a directory of licensed Black therapists who can provide online services.

Black Mental Health Alliance: organization that connects individuals with therapists and provides professional training.

Ethel’s Club: social and wellness community where paying members can access group workouts, guided meditations, wellness salons and art workshops as part of the healing process. 

Psychology Today Directory of African American Therapists: detailed therapist listings for states and major cities. 

Sistah Afya Community Mental Wellness: social impact business that provides mental health education, therapy, community support and resources to help young adult Black women. 

Therapy for Black Girls: website associated with a podcast by same name that offers a therapist locator, group chats and blog articles to encourage the wellness of Black women and girls. 

Resources and Podcasts

African Americans, Anxiety and Depression Association of America: information on choosing providers and accompanying ADAA articles on topics such as how to overcome unique obstacles and the link between racism and stress and anxiety for Black Americans.

Black/African American, Behavioral Health Equity, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: information page from agency that runs the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-8255) for confidential support for those in distress and National Helpline (800-662-4357) for treatment referral and support.

Black and African American Communities and Mental Health, Mental Health America: fact sheet about prevalence of, attitudes about, and treatment for mental health issues with information specific to bipolar disorder and clinical depression. 

Black Mental Matters Podcast: weekly conversations that address mental health disparities in the Black community to break the stigma.

Black Therapist Podcast: discussions about unique issues when dealing with mental health care and mental health diagnosis.

Brother, You’re on My Mind Toolkit, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities: website with educational material, checklists and tips on partnerships, outreach and event planning aimed at African American men.

Minding My Black Business Podcast: series dedicated to the mental health of Black entrepreneurs.

The Safe Place: mental health app for the Black community on Android and iPhone.

Sharing Hope: Speaking With African Americans About Mental Health, National Alliance on Mental Illness: presentation about stigma, possibilities of recovery, types of support services and signs of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and depression.

Therapy for Black Girls Podcast: weekly chat about mental health, personal development and more for Black women and girls. 

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Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Organizations and Directories

Asian American Psychological Association: organization for professionals that has fact sheets on brain injury, trauma and violence exposure, intimate partner violence, student-adjustment challenges, bullying and suicide. 

Asian Counseling and Referral Service: organization based in the state of Washington that provides Asian American and Pacific Islander communities with mental health services and support.

Asians Do Therapy: website working to reduce stigma about and improve access to therapy with guidance on finding a therapist.

Asian Mental Health Collective: group raising awareness about the importance of mental health care among Asian Diasporic communities with an Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Therapist Directory of providers nationwide.

Asian Pacific Counseling and Treatment Centers: agency based in Los Angeles County, California, that offers mental health counseling online as well as workshops and group activities for the Asian Pacific communities in its service area.

Cambodian Association of America: organization that provides information and programs related to mental health topics such as stressors and their risk factors, meditation, yoga exercises and anger management. 

National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association: organization with trainings, self-care tips and articles related to the mental health of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders.

Resources and Podcasts

Asian-Americans, ADAA: information on choosing a provider and accompanying ADAA articles on why Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders don’t go to therapy and the group’s mental health needs.

Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander, Behavioral Health Equity, SAMHSA: information page from agency that runs the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-8255) for confidential support for those in distress and National Helpline (800-662-4357) for treatment referral and support.

Asian American/Pacific Islander Communities and Mental Health, MHA: fact sheet about prevalence, attitudes, treatment and potential issues with mental health care access or insurance. 

Asians Do Therapy Podcast: conversations with Asian and Asian American therapists and clients. 

Korean American Perspectives Podcast: Council of Korean Americans series featuring episodes on experiencing burnout and trauma, navigating mental health, practicing self-compassion and more. 

MannMukti: platform with stories, a MannMukti Community Facebook group and podcast series focusing on South Asians living with mental health issues.

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Latinx Americans

Organizations and Directories

Latinx Therapy: directory of mental health therapists and other helpful information for the Latinx community.

Therapy for Latinx: directory of verified therapists, psychiatrists, community clinics, emergency mental health, life coaches and support groups for the Latinx community.

National Alliance for Hispanic Health: organization with information on various topics that offers a helpline (866-783-2645) for assistance navigating the health system. 

Supporting the Hispanic/Latino Community, The Campaign to Change Direction: initiative with crisis counseling text line (text 741741).

Resources and Podcasts

Ayuda En Espanol, Suicide Prevention Lifeline: information on a Spanish language crisis line (888-628-9454) and other relevant topics. 

Hispanic/Latino Behavioral Health Equity, SAMHSA: information page from agency that runs the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-8255) for confidential support for those in distress and National Helpline (800-662-4357) for treatment referral and support. 

Latinx/Hispanic Communities and Mental Health, MHA: mental health fact sheet about prevalence, attitudes, treatment and screening tools in English and Spanish.

Latinx Mental Health, NAMI: information on issues to consider such as privacy, language, natural medicine, faith and spirituality and cultural competency of a provider.

Latinx, ADAA: guidance on choosing a provider and accompanying ADAA articles on why members of the Latino community don’t go to therapy and what their mental health needs as well as information on ADAA’s Spanish-language, anonymous, online peer support group for anxiety and depression.

Latinx Therapy Podcast: episodes about self-help techniques, how to support others and cultural competency among providers.

“Mental Health: A Guide for Latinos and Their Families,” American Psychiatric Association: 22-minute video about different kinds of mental illnesses, treatments and how to find care.

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Native Americans and Alaska Natives

Organization and Directories

Behavioral Health, Indian Health Service: agency information hub with sections on various behavioral health issues, mental health issues and suicide. 

Center for Native American Youth: organization with tools including videos, peer-to-peer engagement activities and a resource exchange.

National Indian Health Board: Tribal governments’ organization with toolkits and information on federal agencies and private foundations providing services.

Native Americans for Community Action: organization in Arizona providing behavioral health services.

Native American Health Center: California Bay-Area organization providing behavioral health services. 

Tribal Affairs, SAMHSA: information on services the government agency provides to Native American communities accompanied by details on the Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-8255) and SAMHSA’s National Helpline (800-662-4357).

Resources and Podcasts

All My Relations Podcast: series focused on relationships Native people have with land, ancestors and each other with episodes on topics such as Indigenous feminism, family wellness and mascots. 

Native and Indigenous Communities and Mental Health, MHA: fact sheet about prevalence of, attitudes toward, and treatment for mental health issues among Native Americans. 

Native Americans, Suicide Prevention Lifeline: information about self-care and how to help someone in crisis, with reminders about SAMHSA’s lifeline (800-273-8255).

Native American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage, American Psychological Association: page with articles related to psychology among Native Americans, information on policy, and educational tools. 

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