Resources for Social Work Students

The Importance of Professional Networking in Social Work

Professionals networking discussing social work

Networking can be a key part of professional development for any career trajectory, including social work. Networking in social work can potentially help create lasting career outcomes. This page will discuss the types of networking that social workers can engage in, as well as tips that may help a social worker navigate building a network.  What Is Professional Networking in Social Work?  Professional networking describes the act of building a network of professional contacts within your industry that can help you navigate career growth and achieve professional goals. Social workers have a unique position within their communities that allows for […]

How to Teach Kids About Race

Kids notice race earlier than adults may think, which means parents, social workers and educators should help guide them as they develop ideas about race, identity and culture. 

Social Work Organizations

There are dozens of professional organizations in the field of social work. They range from very large organizations like the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), which has over 120,000 members, to smaller more niche organizations like the National Organization of Forensic Social Work (NOFSW). There are also social work organizations that focus on specific ethnic groups, like the Hispanic or African American communities, or have religious affiliations. While every social work organization is different, organizations provide their members with a variety of resources that could include: professional development, continuing education, certifications, annual conferences and events, newsletters and journals, social networking, job boards, […]

Cyberbullying: A Resource for School Social Workers

Cyberbullying is one of the biggest challenges that school social workers currently face. This in-depth resource explains the psychological, emotional, and social effects of cyberbullying, and how school social workers can address cyberbullying at their school(s) and in their community. In addition, this article contains useful insights and advice for parents, teachers, and school administrators on how they can prevent and respond to cyberbullying incidents.