Resources for Social Work Students

Internet and Social Media Impact on Social Work

As more people turn to the Internet for news and information, traditional media sources like newspapers, print magazines, and even encyclopedias are slowly going extinct. For breaking news, some people turn to Twitter. For information on US History, people now use Wikipedia. To interact with friends and relatives, people now use Facebook. It is more important than ever to ensure that people understand both the positive (support groups, access to information) and negative (misinformation, cyberbullying) aspects of the Internet and social media. Professionals in the field of social work cannot ignore these new forms of media and communication and must […]

Understanding Animal-Assisted Interventions and Veterinary Social Work

While most pet owners may see themselves as a caregiver for their animal, veterinary social worker Rachel Wright, MSW, LSWAIC, helps her clients reverse roles with therapy animals. “Maybe [the client] didn’t get physical affection or nurturing from a parent,” Wright said. “So, we’ll work on being able to receive that love from an animal.” Role-playing is one of many strategies Wright uses for animal-assisted interventions, along with modeling behaviors, which help clients build communication skills, self-esteem and coping skills for grief and loss. Wright said she might say to a client, “What’s the animal doing right now to take […]